Another day, another closed beta announcement. Snail Game’s upcoming MMORPG Black Gold has wrapped up its Alpha, having yielded useful feedback which they say they’ve taken into consideration as the game continually progresses and has now begun a limited closed beta test for the Steampunk infused MMORPG.

The beta which is set to end rather abruptly on May 28th will include the following new additions not present in the Alpha:

  • Large-Scale Battlegrounds – Including over 100 customizable ‘Carriers’ (large battle mounts) to develop for each faction
  • True Hardcore PvP – Fight against opposing forces (as well as members of the same faction) across a variety of battlegrounds, arenas and hidden ‘Chambers of Greed’
  • Energy Well Battles – Join even larger struggles and form armies to fight for control of precious resources in large-scale faction and guild battles
  • Additional Upgrades – Revamped graphics, smoother textures, an updated User Interface and other mechanical changes
  • Interested players should stay tuned right here on MMOBomb for an upcoming chance at a Black Gold beta key giveaway. You may also enter for a chance at the closed beta by visiting the official site here.

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    1. Sever lag and game seems to be way too demanding. 22fps lol. My computer isn’t that bad, seeing how i can play all other games just fine.

    2. neverending repetetive quests, skills look same on different characters, server lag very much, all animations stutters because of that,gift system also is crap, reminds me another generic asian crap, not going to play it

    3. It’s a very average game, it has a lot of polish and refinement issues. It has plenty of good ideas but the questing is just horrendous and there are a lot of user friendliness issues. Questing is essentially go to this place, collect 1 thing, go back to the npc to turn it in. Go to this place and kill 1-3 enemies, then return to turn it in. You spend far more time going back and forth than actually DOING anything which is incredibly frustrating and annoying.

      The PvP is pretty cool, it’s basically 5 control points and you use “carriers” (basically mounts you can fight on, and each one has slightly different attacks) to fight. 1v1 PvP I’m not sure about, I’m not sure if there’s any sort of match making or if it’s all just random within a level range. Dungeons are okay.

      Controls can be quite clunky, honestly I would recommend trying to switch to crosshair mode in the escape menu under “operations” or whatever. It plays more like TERA and makes it much easier to control imo, and much more enjoyable overall. It’s still a bit clunky but much better than the default for me.

      The steampunk environment design has to be one of the biggest let downs for me. It’s so incredibly bland and boring. I’m hoping there is a huge steampunk city later on where it actually feels like a steampunk city rather than some semi-modern/western type of city with one or two buildings with random gears on the side of them. Honestly, it feels far more like it’s just an industrial setting rather than a steampunk setting. I don’t think the developers have a clear grasp of what steampunk is because it is severely lacking. The outfits however, are pretty good and nice to look at. Personally I would recommend just starting out with the nature faction since it’s MUCH nicer to look at.

      It has some good ideas in it like I said, it just needs a lot more work and a lot more polish overall. I don’t know if the developers are going to be willing to put in all the work required to make it a success in my opinion.

    4. lets all wait for black desert online! releases in january in russia:F2P(no pay to win) and no ip block! hooray! i predict english version release around summer 2015 because pearl abyss has already translated most of the game in english and is now just looking for a western publisher.

    5. ^

      keep saying how the questing system is bad without naming one mmorpg that isn’t a quest grind
      archeage comes out and suddenly everyone treats every game like shit because you can plant a tree instead of chop one down from some random area… whoop di doo such an innovative crafting system. go play minecraft.

    6. I been playing the beta since it started. i had to lower my graphics in their selection area for graphic optimize, which is neat it shows how much fps you get per type..

      I also enjoyed the wide range of controls you can do, i personally prefer using the Crosshair mode which basically makes it feel a bit like tera… The graphics in itself is good for steampunk, its not Archeage WOW, but its still pretty decent. Alot of people will nit pick at the game, but it has better steampunk verse fantasy.. I personally enjoy the Battle Carrier system, despite everytime i look at a dominion mech outside the dominion dungeon i want that as my mech XD. i played some blood citadel battleground which was very fun, however i wouldn’t recomend trying to do it on foot your die.. but jumping into YOUR or a rented mech is fun.. i really love the flying mechs and the spider tanks. I spent 100 valor which is easily gained thru 1 or 2 blood citadel ques. on getting my first flyer. lv 1 non upgraded guzzles fuel fast, but a tier 1 full upgrade doesnt guzzle as much. still pretty neat to fly around and explore…

      As for world pvp. i havent seen much of that, however counting that you can have multiple mechs at your call when you need one u could use a flyer to get to a Sniper spot, then drop your Spider tank, or one of the other heavy arty mechs and perch there blasting shells into an enemy city XD

      if people overlook the autopath thats hidden in the questlog, and the Graphics that arent planetside/warframe graphics the game is fairly fun when taking it to crosshair mode, and being a pilot of a big mech. especially how you have to aim, and the range is goood.

      im at lv 20 myself and still playing. Secret dungeons are a pain in the butt, you need allies to do them, avoid the Ambi secret dungeon thats located by the dark snipers.. the boss in there AOE lightning stuns.

      Also you can use your mechs in the blood citadel without worry of losing it perm. i havent tried the other pvp areas. however if you lose your mech in the world pvp, your have to use alot of rescource to bring it back from the dead, or if you have ALOT of medals from pvp. just craft a new one. this being said for the low tier mechs..

      The advance expensive mechs.. keep the securty locks fresh on them… losing your tier 5 mech will make you cry.

    7. Holy crap… the download and install took longer than the time I could bear to play it. This game is utter garbage in every aspect… been a long long time since I played something that bad.

      • I concur!

        It looks and plays like a game circa 5 years ago. Disappointment does not even touch it. Hopefully something decent should release this year…..

      • I do have an extra key for BGO if someone wants it..

        agreed…. I loved the graphics , I found there were too many things going on like login gifts, gifts for this.. gifts for getting gifts.. so I see it as another gd game where everything is handed to you…

        speaking of hands… I’ve never seen such a shitty quest system in my life.. 95% of the quest items you had to gather or kill (yes it’s a lot of “run here kill this and run back bs) the item needed was always within a 3-4 second run on your 30% mount.

        at around lvl 16 I went to an area where there was a ton of quests to do with crystals.. shit I would grab quest.. turn and surprise!!! the item is right beside you .

        I logged on and off a lot after I hit lvl 16 last night.. only other thing I wanted to try was crafting, as crafting can make or break a game for me.. I had to hit lvl 18 to pick a profession , and I chose Tailor.

        as soon as I saw the crafting window open.. I knew it would be a joke.. you have crafting stamina.. making some items uses that stamina.. you can buy stamina pots from the profession npc.. yay! not really.. crafting was the usual click a button and watch a bar fill up and tadaa!! you crafted an item…

        even though this game is going to be f2p I will not be playing it unless they pretty much change the 2 major things to do in an mmorpg.. quest/craft..
        instead I might toss the 150$ this weekend and buy my way into Archeage..


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