In Game of Thrones, they say, “Winter is coming.” In Neverwinter, the more appropriate line might be, “Winter is coming… so let’s go kick it’s ass.”

Storm King’s Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice is the next chapter in Neverwinter’s epic storyline, picking up where the recent Storm King’s Thunder content left off. Players will challenge the frost giants in a new adventure zone in the frozen sea to stop the giants’ plan to unleash eternal winter on the world.

Sea of Moving Ice also introduces new ways to travel, a fishing mini-game, artifact weaponry, and treasure hunting — no, not for epic +5 Long Underwear of Warming, nice as that might be.

The update comes to Neverwinter on Nov. 8. You can read more about it on the Neverwinter site (warning: contains spoilers for the base Storm King’s Thunder content).


  1. No thanks. I’ve tried this game once and it’s paid 2 win garbage and not worth joining. I can see the world of warcraft theme in it like alot and the people who been complaining about the p2w garbage I tried it one day and I know what your talking about this game isn’t worth the updates or the content I recommand another game.

    • That means ASAD I’m ASD get your facts right troll. Also have you really tried this game? Because it sounds like you haven’t because from my point of view this game is garbage so please troll get your facts right before you try to insult me.

    • There is not a single pay to win element in this game, as everything in the game is purchasable with AD(Astral Diamonds). I am not defending it because I enjoy the game, but I am defending because of ignorant people like ASD.
      You can use the AD and convert it into Zen, therfore being able to buy everything and anything you want. (So long as you have the amount you need of course).


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