There’s a new installment on the horizon for Age of Wushu, making this the fourth expansion for the martial arts MMO. Changes in the weather system and six new sects are to be seen in Tempest of Strife, which is due out sometime this spring.

There are three emerging sects that will be available to all heroes, including the Villa of Beasts, the Xu Family Manor, and the Golden Needle sect. Three other additions are limited to those with latent talent, and are the three hidden forces known as the Palace of Shifting Flowers, the Peace Blossom Island and the Rootless Clan. Players who already belong to the original eight schools will be given the option to join a new sect through a process called betrayal.

Another feature within the expansion is a more developed and immersive weather system, which casts thunderstorms, hazy rain, sandstorms, eclipses and blizzards into the players peripherals, which will also signify mysterious events within the game.

Also coming with the update is equipment inscription and a “Face-lifting doctor” for those looking to change the appearance of their characters.



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