As was promised last week, Guild Wars 2‘s Super Adventure Festival is now live. That means another run through the Super Adventure Box mini-game — which is actually pretty large, so maybe it should be a “maxi-game”?

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the SAB yet, it’s definitely worth your time to explore, not only as a break from the usual serious business of dragon-slaying and whatnot but to see what kind of crazy ideas the GW2 dev team pumped out back in its early days. There’s even a brief guide on the GW2 site to help new players get their bearings in the SAB.

If you’re a veteran of the SAB, you’ll have at least a little new content to try out this time around. There’s a new Adventure course and a meta-achievement, (Annual) Super Adventure Box Nostalgia, that can net you the Virtual Box helmet, along with a new set of Glitched Adventure weapons. Or maybe this will just be the time you beat the Box in Tribulation Mode — or just in Normal Mode, if you’ve been slacking over the past few years like I have.

The Super Adventure Festival runs until May 12. Complete patch notes can be found on the GW2 forums.

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