Valorant had the biggest launch ever by a free-to-play PC game, according to SuperData in its June report on the digital games market. Riot Games’ competitive shooter hit the charts at #6 in its debut month, ahead of Fortnite (#7) and its closest match, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (#9). In fact, SuperData thinks that Valorant is “siphoning away” players from CS:GO, given the latter title’s reduced revenue.

Can it maintain that momentum? SuperData references Apex Legends, which Valorant exceeded on PC but not overall, thanks to that game’s console launch. Apex hasn’t made the charts for some time now, s if the games are comparable, Valorant might also be sliding down or off the list in a few months.

Destiny 2 also had a good month, checking in at #6 on consoles, thanks to new content and pre-orders for Beyond Light (which has since been delayed). SuperData says that monthly earnings for the game were up 221% and player count up 45% in June, to reach a “record total.” Steam Charts disagrees with that second point, indicating that D2 did peak at 213,681 players for the month, but lower than the 292,314 that got into the game when it launched on Steam in October.

You can read the report in full on the SuperData site.



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