Survarium, the free to play shooter from Vostok Games, has released the 0.30 update into the wild. This update is a comprehensive update that not only adds new content to the free to play title, but also reworks some existing systems and does a massive re-balancing to weapons.

The new “Last Stand” game mode is Survarium’s very first non team based match. Players try to survive on their own receiving points (and stealing other player’s points) when killing opponents while trying to hang on to the points they’ve gathered so far. Survive with the most points at the end of the timer and you win.

The Knowledge of the Forest skill tree takes anomalies and artifacts to the next level providing players with a skill tree of their own. In order to activate artifacts you’ll have to progress through this new skill tree.

Weapons have not only been added to the game but so have new equipment sets. Speaking of your character, the character face selection has finally made it into the game. No more clones running around in battle.

There’s a ton to this update so be sure to check out the patch notes for all the details and if you’re new to Survarium make sure you take part in the game’s new tutorial system.

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  1. Developers should have known that lying to the fanbase about the upcomming Open world game cash grabbing people then leave them dry would start a hate train.. for me this is just one example of a game developer thinking wallet rather then anything else.. shame on you..

    If they turn table at 0.30 version and the finished product will be open world il be amazed.. see u in 10 years doh because this game develops at snail speed..

    Until they can hold what they promise i wont look twice at this game, i just wont play a game buil’t on lies..

  2. I’ve started playing this game at around February this year and since then very little changes have made it trough. At around May I was already fed up with this piece of crap so right now I only check for updates to see how it’s progressing, but it’s not progressing at all. The game engine is the most unoptimized thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. this game is somewhat a joke, i dont know what the developers doing but i remember buying early access for this more than 3 years ago, they said they will add an open world with quests and stuff, but in all this time they didnt do anything really, they maybe added a few game modes but its basically still a team deathmatch only game.

      • See, that’s the problem with “Stalker fans”. They can’t understand that Survarium is not Stalker, nor it’s “supposed to be like it”. However, Vostok Games indeed tend promise too much and deliver very little. None of the promised major features are in (proper weapon modification, optimization, open world, etc.), and only god knows when they will be.

        • So the problem is “stalker fans” wanting open world and weapon cust… And you call em out… Then you say “but yeah game waiting promised open world n cust.” Defeating your opening point. Everyone in this room is now more dumb for reading this. I reward you no points. And may god have merci on your soul

          • If you fail to see the distinction between “this game is supposed to be like Stalker, not a stupid deathmatch” and “developers do not implement promised major features, which incidentally include open world”, then I can’t help you here. This game was never meant to be “like Stalker”, even with open world implemented it will never be.

        • Even if that’s the case, this one doesn’t offer anything new. Besides the fact that there are anomalies that slightly affect game play in ways such as “you shouldn’t go there, or you will be infected and take continuous damage and start glowing like a torch bug”. Even the skill tree doesn’t make much of a difference, since if a player is skilled enough AND HAS A SUPERCOMPUTER, can beat people with the prefect skill combinations.

          The game can be fun at first, for the first two weeks or so, but other than that it’s nothing special, in fact it’s sort of a failure. If they at least used CryEngine or Unreal Engine 4, the game might have not only looked better, but played better.

          First the game started as a Ukraininan/Russian-themed game, now it’s starting to incorporate Western stuff. The game clearly has an identity crisis and games like this fail 99.99% of the time.


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