Juvty Worlds Ltd.’s survival and crafting MMO Wild Terra Online is now free-to-play, right on schedule following last week’s announcement. You can now dodge bears and build up your own economic empire in a world where it takes 132 hours to craft leather armor.

Fine, the player probably didn’t spend the entire 132 hours crafting the armor, but it sounds like it might be pretty close.

If all that sounds awesome to you, check out the game’s website or download it right now from its Steam page.

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  1. It was a crazy game during testing stages, I will give it another go now its free as it will be nice to see if its had any tweaks for the better or not.
    The thing with being game tester is like I am, you have to give any game that comes your way a go to see if they have anything in them or not.
    I’m currently trying SUN Online, but having probs with entry after login as the start button won’t work even with the browse thingy. Apparently they are having a sort of reinvention of the game soon, whether that’s going to improve this good old game has to be tested, I’m awaitng a support reply currently.
    For now I will enjoy seeing this one or I can just simply, uninstall it . 🙂

  2. I’m not 76 y/o great-grandmother, thats why i’m not going to play this game in 2019
    “went F2P” really? did someone actually payed for this?


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