Bioware is kicking off a selection of in-game events for its free-to-play sci-fi MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic this month. The four events will launch on different dates throughout the month and will last anywhere between a week to a few months. They are as follows:

  • 250% Bonus XP Event: February 7 – April 10
  • 250% Bonus Command XP Event: February 7 – April 10
  • Bounty Contract Week: February 14 – 21
  • Relics of the Gree Event: February 28 – March 7

The 250% bonus events will take place at the same time with the general XP event being open to anyone under level 70 and the Command XP event being open to everyone of level 70. Since they both are set to last about two months, a lot of players will easily be able to take advantage of both.

The Bounty Contract Week kicks off on Valentine’s day and will allow players to sign up for one standard “Henchman” contract and one high profile Kingpin Contract per day. Completing 5 standard contracts will unlock Kingpin missions which offer better rewards.

Finally, the Relics of the Gree Event will also run for a week during which time players will explore Ilum’s contested area in search of answers about the Grey Secant, a massive Gree starship.

Full details on how to participate in each of these events and what rewards are offered can be found on the SWTOR site.

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  1. try the game again guys SWTOR has changed alot, and everything can be bought on the market but really? i pay the monthly sub and what i get is 600 cartel coins and all content per month not a bad deal tbh..

    I hated swtors clunky battle system but they reworked every skill and now its just so awsome im amazed the new chapters and endgame “command points ect” added so much flavour to the game..
    its becomming a 10/10 game.

  2. Oh an event i wonder it would even be useful for maxed out free to play players. How about adding something that could be useful in some way other then buying the other contents.


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