Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s Update 6.2 has a lot going on, which we’ve detailed before, and now it has a date. That’s going to be December 9, as announced on Twitter earlier today, although whether it’s titled Echoes of Vengeance (as stated in the tweet) or Echoes of Oblivion (as titled in the video) is an open question. In any case, it’s coming during a time frame that other games have been avoiding considering what’s coming on the 10th, but BioWare apparently doesn’t feel the need to follow suit.

Some of the new gear coming in the update is inspired by the Mandalorian series airing on Disney Plus (which you can get a free subscription to by playing a different game). Around Thanksgiving, BioWare explained just what “inspired by” meant, since the game takes place thousands of years before the series and “It wouldn’t make much sense” to see the same thing “completely unchanged so many generations later.” Sure, we have roughly the same lightsabers, speeder bikes, buildings, droids, and everything else despite the thousands-of-years gap, but this is where we draw the line!

That’s now all the game has going on in December. The month’s event calendar has been laid out, and it includes pirate incursions, the return of the rakghouls, and celebrations for SWTOR’s ninth anniversary and Life Day. That last one advises you to go out and “hug some Wookiees,” but I’d suggest that only if you’re wearing heavy armor, lest they make cranberry pudding out of you.


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