Star Wars: The Old Republic is bracing for a new expansion later this year, and the developers at BioWare are shifting into high gear to get it done. There’s a lot coming with this expansion, including two new planets and changes to advanced classes, and BioWare’s committed to keeping players informed on how things are coming along.

To that end, Community Coordinator Daniel Steed has started a forum thread detailing the articles that he hopes to publish up to the launch of the expansion. Already on the list is the expansion announcement, with major topics for May including an introduction to Dantooine, the recurring Pirate Incursion in-game event, and other events on deck for May. In broader detail, he also mentions the other topics on deck, which include the aforementioned planets and class revamps, as well as the new Nautolan species, the story behind the expansion, and the developers’ overall philosophy regarding loot acquisition with the expansion.

Steed also asks players for any suggestions they might have regarding topics for future articles, such as deep-dives, interviews, and so on. As is typical, Steed offers up the disclaimer that nothing is 100% set in stone — or in this case, carbonite.


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