This weekend’s Star Wars Celebration was jam-packed with all kinds of juicy reveals for fans — and even non-fans, who saw their social media feeds explode after each new info drop. New games, new TV shows, and a new movie were all part of the epic weekend’s highlights, but for our site, the biggest news was the announcement of a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In Onslaught, you’ll be plopped down in the middle of a new war between the Republic and the Sith, forced to choose sides in the galaxy-wide conflict. Players will visit two new planets: Onderon, which was featured in the single-player Old Republic games, and Mek-Sha, a crime-riddled station carved out from an asteroid. The finale of the story arc takes place on Corellia, in a flashpoint suitable for solo players as well as groups. A new operation on Onderon’s moon Dxun, is also part of the expansion.

Also new in this expansion is a new gear slot for “tactical items,” which are described as “build-defining items [that] directly alter your abilities and playstyle.” They can be acquired via a number of different game modes, including PvE, PvP, through the Galactic Command system, and from crafting.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Onslaught expansion releases in September and will be included for free with a subscriptions. Learn more about the expansion on the SWTOR site.


  1. Yes you know how is that fake free to play system. The basic demo converted in a free to play. I prefer play star trek online at least they know what f2p means.


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