The Light side vs. the Dark side is at the heart of the Star Wars universe, so it comes with little surprise that BioWare is co-opting that idea for a continuing feature in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Part of the new Galactic Command system coming in Knights of the Eternal Throne is the dark vs. light war, which will allow players to “fight” for their side at all times, with nearly every activity they perform.

When you create a new character, you’ll be able to choose whether they follow the dark or light path — don’t worry, you can switch later on. As you earn dark or light side points, you’ll also increase your server’s dark or light score. When one side’s score is high, events will occur related to that side’s dominance.

“Winning” the war — getting to level 5 on one side — will grant bonuses to characters who follow that path, such as additional tokens when raising your Galactic Command rank and access to a cosmetic vendor. The losers also get benefits, such as bonuses to dark/light side points earned and the opportunity to take down baddies from the other side. Then the battle resets and the whole thing starts over.

You can get full details on the Dark vs. Light War on the SWTOR site.


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