SWTOR’s Update 5.10, Jedi Under Siege, is set to hit servers on December 11. When it does, it’ll bring with it new story content, guild improvements, and more. But that’s not all that’s happening over the next two months.

Throughout December and January, BioWare is rolling out several events — including the annual Life Day Event. They’re also hosting Relics of Gree, Bounty Contract, Double Rewards, and a Rakghoul Plague Outbreak. A full calendar of events is available on the SWTOR site.

Also rolling out this month is a new Twi’lek companion for Premium players, Paxton Rall. To obtain Paxon, players will need Premium status on December 14 and 15. Those who do will receive the new companion via in-game mail by December 20.

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  1. ^^^ why do ppl always want something for nothing? Heaven forbid a company wants to make money off something they created (while still letting u play for free)…. if more players would support games with subscriptions maybe we wouldn’t have all this bs microtransactions & garbage loot box cr@p.

  2. Asking again. Why you guys never post news about World of Warcraft? that game has free trial version with restricted level cap too.

    Game that has half content locked behind paywall is not F2P! and this website is for free to play games…

    • In fairness with SWTOR you sub for even one month and it unlocks all expansion content. Compared to that WoW kinda sucks – you need to buy the latest expansion and sub each month.


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