The good news, at least for Star Wars: The Old Republic raiders? The team at BioWare revealed that the upcoming Patch 5.2 will include a new Operation. You’ll be raging against a new superweapon as part of the new story line the patch will introduce. The bad news? The team had two options: save up the 5 bosses they have and release the Operation as one big update later this year, or to release one boss at a time. They went with Plan B meaning that each of the 5 new Operation bosses will be released periodically over this year. 5.2’s boss will be Tyth (pictured below) and for scale, players are estimated to come up to the middle of Tyth’s shin. Story and Veteran difficulties should be available on release with Master modes of each boss coming when the following boss is released, at least that’s the plan at this time.


Familiar companions will be returning in the patch as well. Side with the Empire and you’ll be rejoined by Quinn, Republic players will net Elara on their companion roster.

5.1 Galactic Command changes were also reviewed and the team advised that GC will continue to evolve (with an emphasis on gearing up faster) and we can expect details on new changes by the end of next week if all goes according to plan for BioWare.

A new daily area will also make its way into the patch along with a reputation track for players to advance upon. Players can also choose whether to side with the Republic or Empire here (regardless of your character’s affiliation) but don’t expect this mechanic to be anything along the lines of a faction change.

Check out the full video above for all the particulars and some additional comments about Uprisings and other content.

Video Credit: Dulfy

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