If you missed seeing the Producer’s stream for Bioware’s free-to-play, don’t worry, you’re covered. Eric Musco posted a summary of the stream for those who are interested on the SWTOR forums. Among the topics discussed were the issues experienced with the launch of Chapter X — which the developers apologize for and say they are working to prevent something like that from happening again.

Aside from the Chapter X issues, the stream also revealed when players can expect the next Chapter — titled Disavowed. The update will hit March 10 and will give players the chance to team up with Aric Jorgan of Havoc Squad. Also revealed are the Eternal Championships; featuring weekly missions for defating bosses 5, 7, and 10, rare mount and pet drops, and more.

Musco also teased a bit of what players can expect when Chapter XII arrives in April — a new Warzone featuring cross faction battle.

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  1. zxcczzzz on February 15, 2016

    BIG POOP game, also ITS A FAKE FREE TO PLAY GAME with LOCKED content and characters, gayplay is like turn based and you solo always , anyway there you will hardly find any alive person, even chat is clear, reanimated dead game, waste of cash on this dead shi t

  2. Todoran on February 13, 2016


  3. Za'Muro on February 12, 2016

    i was sub until few days ago am i gonna get free 1050 cc ? i have always had emails activated. when are they gonna send this code ?

  4. Crazyjimmy on February 12, 2016

    After how horrible the early access launch was for Chapter X I’m no longer excited for new content. Why get excited knowing that they more then likely are gonna release it when it’s not even ready to handle the load of the live servers?

    • Devomomo on February 14, 2016

      because they wont know it can’t handle the strain until it hits the live servers.