With the release of update 5.10.4 today, Star Wars: The Old Republic players — both free-to-play and preferred — now have access to all kinds of handy benefits. That’s right, hotbars have been added, medical probes are unlimited, and credit caps have been increased. Oh, and did we mention the unlimited quick travel? Yes, it’s for everyone.

As far as the big news for the update goes, that’s pretty much it — oh except for something labeled in the patch notes as just “?????” with a note that there are “mysterious observers” near the Odessen base. So, maybe go check that out.

As always, if you’re interested in the rest of the patch notes, they are available on the SWTOR site.

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    • Simple nothing, you have to pay for all that. Cartel coins or subscription. And about expansions you have to pay them. So f2p or preferred you still have to pay for be useful for your guildies and for have fun.

      • I still can’t figure out why these guys never post about World of Warcraft? We see tons of posts about SWTOR and GW2, non F2P, trial game with content restrictions and tons of locked stuff and nothing about WoW… why? what is the difference can anyone tell me?

        • Well, both SWTOR and GW2 are free to play, I have a feeling you don’t understand the meaning of Free to Play at all. You can download and play both right now Free of charge. And that’s why there is news about those games here, WoW is not Free to Play, never was and never will be.

          • So is WoW, you can download and play totally free till 20 lvl

            Free to play game is when full content is free, races and classes in mmos. only boosts and cosmetic items can be sold with real cash… mounts, transmog gear, etc….

            In GW2 and SWTOR, you have to buy expansions to play full content. so asking again, what is the DIFFERENCE?!

          • A lot of websites about MMO news cover both F2P and B2P/Subscription type of games.

            Most of the MMO players (us) who were kids between 2006 and 2010 are now adults that can afford to pay for our games so it doesn’t matter. Kids today aren’t interested in MMOs, they play stupid games on their phones or Battle Royale, we and them are a totally different breed.

            Likewise, the people that read this and other websites are already adults, so not covering WoW (especially the impeding launch of WoW Classic) is straight up dumb, they will get a lot more traffic and a lot more people commenting below the articles.

          • I think i have said that 100 times already on this site alone, the GW2 core game is free, no level cap no map limitations, it’s free, BUT it’s an old game and have received two enormous game changes expansions and living world maps alongside with each one of then, you can still play the game who have bem launched in late 2012, but you need to buy the expansions to play expansions content stuffs and have expansion content related items.

            Guild Wars 2 is a free game with paid expansions.


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