SWTOR's Update 7.2 Debuts New Planet With Story Content, PvP Revamp, UI Improvements, And More Today

Help Shae Vizla hunt a rogue Mandalorian who has gathered an army of rebels known as the Hidden Chain.

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Swtor New Planet 2

Today, BioWare and EA have released Star Wars: The Old Republic's next major patch alongside a teaser trailer. Update 7.2, "Showdown on Ruhnuk," debuts an all-new planet with story content, a PvP revamp, UI improvements, and plenty more.

The brand-new planet, Ruhnuk, has an arid landscape with many river valleys cutting through its desert-like surface. Here, players can enjoy a new story arc that has them assisting Mandalore's forces in the aftermath of the previous main storyline. Under Shae Vizla's command, players will track down Field Marsal Heta Kol and his followers of the Hidden Chain.

Ruhnuk also introduces a Daily Area where fans can expand their faction's influence by completing weekly/daily Missions and Achievements while gaining unique rewards and titles from a new Reputation Track.

Swtor New Planet

The PvP revamp features a solo and group queue system for 4v4 and 8v8 matches. In addition, BioWare added a new map called "Onderon Palatial Ruins." PvP will feel more balanced than before, and matchmaking should be quicker in Update 7.2.

Elsewhere in the patch notes details improvements to the UI, adding some visual clarity to the Welcome Window and utility bar customization. Moreover, players can obtain stronger gear now that BioWare has increased the upgradeable item rating and Power Floor.

For more specific details, check out the SWTOR website.

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