If you haven’t let your loved ones know that you care lately, Bioware believes they have the answer to that. Over the next two weeks, they’re running a “Share the Love” event in Star Wars: The Old Republic that rewards players who share their referral link with friends. These include Cartel Coins and Battle Droids as well as other things. Players who opt to go premium after using their friend’s referral link will be rewarded with 30-days free game time.

The company is also hoping to lure previous premium players back by offering them free game time as well as in-game rewards. In addition, all premium players will be gifted the Chiss Talon Interceptor Airspeeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor Set.

If you’d like to show your friends love by inviting them to SWTOR, full details on the event are available on the SWTOR site.

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    • Pay2win? How? In pvp every character gets boosted to the same stats. It’s more of a free2try, pay2play, but not a pay2win. S#itposter.


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