The next chapter(s) in the Star Wars: The Old Republic saga has now officially kicked off for everyone, with Knights of the Eternal Throne going live across all regions following a three-day early access period. All you need to join the adventure is a current subscription to the game, which unlocks all nine chapters of the story.

Plenty of additional changes come to the game with today’s update, including a new Galactic Command loot system, substantial changes to all character classes, and the beginnings of a focus on group endgame content, which starts with uprisings and will be fully fleshed out next year.

Check out our recent interview for a more in-depth look at what to expect, or head on over to the SWTOR site itself for all the details.


  1. open your eyes folks this company only want your money,stop paying for this fake game go buy some milkshake,pizza,hamburger but not throw away your money for this game seriously,even a blind man can see this is all manipulation to get more money,someone need to create a new star wars mmorpg because this one from bioware for me is doomed and dead.

  2. Well i’m actually replaying this game, and it’s quite the best on the F2P mmo market. They put more and more free content.


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