It’s finally time to get your swoop on in Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally event, now live on servers with Update 6.1.2 — sort of. A recurring event that takes place on Dantooine, Tatooine, and Onderon (with the first event starting on June 30), the Swoop Rally will let you vie for the affection of various speed-obsessed gangs. Win their favor and you’ll earn not only new items but also “short, but fun, interludes” about the gang’s history and members.

If you’re looking for something a little more combat-oriented, you can try out Master Mode in the Nature of Progress operation. Best its bosses and you’re guaranteed to receive New Set Bonuses with a chance at “awe-inspiring” stronghold decorations or the Bantam Dxun Reaper.

On the UI front, the new Galactic Guide has three “awe-inspiring” features of its own: a way to let you know about your alts’ progress in Story Missions, the current Conquest, and a Featured Offer section. Gotta make sure people know about the best way to spend their Cartel Coins, right?


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