Taitale Studio announced the release of their new game, Novus Aeterno, a sci-fi RTS game that takes place in a massive and persistent galaxy full of adventure and challenging threats. Taitale Studio also announced their new program, Novus AEterno Infiltrator Program, a ground-breaking approach that allows gamers to test the game and have direct contact with the developers.

Novus AEterno Infiltrator Program enables the help of gamers to approach Quality Assurance and Game Play Testing in a new light. Players interested in participating can register as a user and submit an application. As Taitale Studios puts it, “If you can use a mouse you’re “qualified”.” .

Is Novus AEterno approach to game testing something that interested you? Lets us know! To learn more about Novus AEterno and their new program head over to http://novusaeterno.com/index.php for more information.

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  1. Jan on September 13, 2012

    There are other ways to do this that would actually enhncae the game instead of wasting their time on borderline retarded gimmicks everyone will use for 2 minutes before never touching it again. As cool as it sounds on paper it has no actual use, and the changes in a characters’ face is subtle enough to not make a difference. The development time spent on this, which I’m sure is a lot, could have gone to something less retarded.

  2. Payback on August 29, 2012

    We are in need of more RTS. Especially Sci-Fi. Other than End of Nations, I guess this should be on my list to play.

  3. D4rkZeroX on August 28, 2012

    Sounds good 😀 i love me a good Sci fi rts

  4. jdrew2000 on August 28, 2012

    jdrew2000 was here