Take A Trip To The Plane Of Knowledge For EverQuest’s New Year’s Event Starting Today

M.C Tinkerton and Pizmip Noddletod Need some help.

QuintLyn Bowers
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EverQuest New Year's

Years are only allowed to begin and end with bangs. Why do you think we insist on fireworks? Of course, in MMOs, things are explosive in different ways… mostly in that there’s always some sort of problem that needs fixing. This year, EverQuest players will have a few things to do for the New Year’s event. One will be familiar, another will be new.

First up, it’s time for players to return to the Plane of Knowledge to help M.C. Tinkerton and Pizmip Noddletod with… something. All we know is that havoc is about to be wreaked and that must be stopped. The new content is a little less dire. Players will visit Fauma Reista at Froglok Outpost in the Rathe Mountains and listen to her tell stories of her travels. Then, they’ll visit some of these places themselves.

The event is already underway, but, don’t worry, you have almost a month to get it completed so if you’re out of town for the holidays, it’s not a big deal. You have until January 21 to get in there and get it done.

In addition to the in-game event, players can also take advantage of 50% rare respawn changes and 20% Marketplace discounts. These are available as of today and will last until January 3.

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