Tale of Two Wu's: Age of Wushu Expansion Trailer Spins Blades in Yanmen Pass

Michael Dunaway
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I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to think of an article title that would let me put two game names in it. The problem was, Age of Wushu and Age of Wulin are awfully similar and spending four words on just "Age of" was a waste of space. So why talk both games when the title clearly mentions an expansion trailer for Age of Wushu? Age of Wulin celebrated its major, but uneventful open beta milestone today. If you're reading this and you're EU, then congratulations! You can now go play in Age of Wulin's open beta.

Obviously, you may have already chosen to play the NA version which has no IP restrictions. If that's the case, then you'll be happy to know Age of Wushu just released a trailer for Yanmen Pass, a new instance available in the upcoming Legends of Mount Hua expansion.

The instance lets groups of players choose a side in a war that ravages Yanmen. Interestingly enough, players can fight for up to five separate sides each offering a different perspective on the war. For example by choosing the Wulin, players can experience the main storyline which sets the events of Yanmen Pass in motion. By contrast, choosing the Villagers will offer an opportunity to view the war from the eyes of those caught in the middle.

Snail Games also shed a little more light on their intricate Jiangu reputation system. By building reputation with certain NPCs, players can persuade them to fight alongside them in battle or pay them off to carry out unspeakable revenge. To what degree you punish someone is up to you. Options range from "Showing Mercy" for a few coins to "Too Horrible to Bear" which costs significantly more, but results in more than just a slap on the wrist.

New item types called Treasures have also been added which can be equipped and provide powerful stat bonuses. Of course anything called a treasure usually isn't something you earn quickly. In this case players will need to dispatch certain enemies which will attract the attention of certain mini-boss martial arts experts.

Legends of Mount Hua will be released on August 8th.

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Rob Tien 10 years ago
I've seen bots that do kidnappings then just stop with the kidnapped victim as a bag on their shoulder. You can easily kill the kidnapper to either take the victim or free them because the kidnapper doesn't flee. Its ridiculous! Overall, the game is pretty fun. But it isn't accurate to say there's no bots, and I don't just mean the ton of gold spammers!!

moosycat 10 years ago
These are lies that have not been proven otherwise.

zakena 10 years ago
age of wushu staff keeps bots online also a ip trace was done and that led to a snail IP which shows the staff running bots just to show investors how popular it is .

the game has more bots than players lol its a failure.

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Vec1ple 10 years ago

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