F2P Games Suck? Dealing With The Haters 2

If you’ve always wanted to play competitive Team Fortress 2, but didn’t know how to break into the scene without getting your face kicked in, now’s your chance. Granted, you’ll probably still get your face kicked in, but at least it’ll be by noobs like you.

The second Fresh Meat Challenge is being put on by the European Team Fortress 2 League, which has a set of rules in place meant to encourage new competitive players to participate. Competitors in this 6v6 tournament must have played 10 or fewer matches with the ETF2L, as well as other restrictions based on participation level. As an exception to the rule, teams may have up to two players (“buddies”) who exceed these limits, but they’re limited to playing the Medic class.

According to the Competitive TF2 Guide, teams in 6v6 matches usually consist of two Scouts, two Soldiers, a Demoman, and a Medic.

You’ve got until April 8 to register your teams with the competition, which will take place over the span of several months, culminating in a finals event on June 1. Learn more on the tournament announcement page on the ETF2L site.

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