Temtem’s Latest Update Implements Replays System While Doing Away With Events

It seems events just weren’t making anyone happy.

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Temtem Update 1-6

Crema dropped a new update for its creature-collection MMO Temtem today. While most of the update consists of additions and tweaks, there are also some removals – one of them a little unusual for an MMO.

Update 1.6 retires the game’s events. According to the patch notes, neither the team nor the players liked updates very much. While players had plenty of feedback on how the devs could improve them, the team really can’t do much with that right now. Since events are just making everyone unhappy all around, they’ve decided to do away with them.

The update also removes the ability to reset a character in the middle of a Challenge Mode run. Being able to do so was causing issues between cross-progression and the Challenge runs, so now players will get an error message if they try to swap when a Challenge mode run is going. They’ll need to delete the Challenge run before continuing. The same applies to anyone trying to link two platforms via cross-progression.

That aside, there is new content. For one, the Replays System has been added. Players don’t need to do anything on their end for this to work, as replays are automatically saved. Competitive PvP will have replays automatically stored, up to ten for each player. When the max limit is hit, the oldest replays will be deleted, so players and their friends will always see the latest ones. Of course, th

Other changes in update 1.6 include an improved emote wheel and the adere is new seasonal content. This time things are frosty with the introduction of the Frozen Tales.

dition of a found location on the Details UI. There are some general improvements and balance changes as well. The full list is available in the patch notes on Steam.

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