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It’s not often you’ll see a producer’s letter for an MMORPG go over so badly that the producer feels compelled to apologize for it the next day. That’s what happened with TERA and En Masse Entertainment this week, but, if I might say so, I really like the end result.

In Wednesday’s letter, Senior Producer Matthew “Denommenator” Denomme informed fans about TERA’s wildly successful 2015 and dropped a few details about its 2016 plans, including a build coming in March that would revise several pieces of content. That long of a wait didn’t go over well with fans, who railed against it on the TERA forums for nearly a hundred pages.

The result of that rancor was a follow-up from Denomme yesterday where he went into greater detail about the schedule and why it was set where it was. For the most part, it was because of the complex interactions between En Masse and Bluehole Studios — which is undergoing an “internal re-organization” — and that En Masse would bring this issue up again with Bluehole, even though it was unlikely anything could be done.

Here’s what I really love about this second letter: While maintaining politeness and a certain distance, Denomme explains a little of the “behind the scenes” decision-making that goes into determining what gets launched when. He admits that his first letter was a little “vague and generic,” the kind we tend to hear from companies all the time because they don’t want the customers to learn too much about how the sausage is made, so to speak. Hearing a little bit about internal communications and exactly why seemingly unpopular decisions are made is a great way to keep your hardcore fans in line. Nearly all of them work for a living, too, and realize they can’t always just do what they want at their jobs, so telling them why you can’t either helps them understand the situation a ton better. It’s a great move by Denomme and En Masse, and one that I wish more companies would copy.


  1. Lol trolls here taking cheap stabs “Oh tha game requires armor. Ohhh the community”. I take it these commenters are fps players or potato consol bois since every mmorpg evolves around armor or some progression gimmik.
    Community is toxic in every gaming level. It’s human. If some one doesn’t agree with you, you rant n rave.
    Tera is the best mmorpg on every level. Lots to do. Good story if you READ. Cut scenes. Nice reward pace and level up pace. Good graphics. Models. Animations. Etc..
    Community? You have a block function. Learn it. Just yesterday I met 3 more friends that say “Friendships have no limitations”. We share, play, enjoy game. That said, ive openly argued with idiots in global chat…. You have choice in community… Stop crying because you fail at social life (huge part of mmorpg).
    Comparing to lol is silly.
    1) LoL is not toxic. If you chat while playing you take hands off important keys and fail.
    2) No one chats any more… Seriously… Calling out lol is just repeating an old LoL stereo type. People dont chat. I have to dig hard to get a response. Lol is plagued with AFK and poor Ping players…

    So yeah. As far as this update. The real issue is: BlueHole is focusing on mobile games and giving us crap. A “spire” or tower of recycled mobs. A rehaul of existing mobs get harder but more exp. Its the cheap mans update. Blade n Soul is also Koreas F off move…. “Heres a 10 year old game. Throw cash at it, we too busy making mobile nickle n dimers”. But yeah. Most kids focus on “community” and “skill” to troll each other and miss whats really going on

    • I guess skill is not for everyone , I take it your 1 of the old school who prefer tab targeting everything and auto run to quest.

      • Skill? Are you retarded? This game relys on armor just as much as any other trash-mmo.
        Also, why do you feel attacked this badly? He’s just saying it’s a garbage game in his oppinion, why do you care this much to start criticising another mmo genre that’s just as crap as this game is. Feel free to leave your need for further validation.

      • um no, i grew up on console rpgs and arpgs before internet was even a thing…games that took actual skill. these fluff loli-con type games, whilst no tab targeting are still ez-mode “everyone gets a trophy” game.

        i bet you weren’t even swimming around in your dad’s bag when sephiroth was even conceived…i also bet you’re one of those guys(kids) that use “old school” names because it’s the cool thing to do and most likely haven’t heard of final fantasy prior to FFX.

        skill… lol.

      • oh, and how do i know you’re just some smart-ass kid who just wants to think he’s pro?

        you refer to tab-targeting as old school… if that’s old school to you…dont talk to me about skill, mr “sephiroth”…twerp.

  2. Hate to say it but the TERA community I’ve found to be incredibly toxic and unbearable really, especially on the forums. I’ve never played league of legends but I would assume it’s on par with their community. I haven’t ever really had to completely filter out the chat in any MMO I’ve played over the past 15 years, but I did in TERA.

    I guess my point is, with that community, 100 pages of ranting, raving, insults, etc.. is to be expected. Any game really, but especially TERA. People are so impatient, 3 months is almost no time at all for a big update.

    Still really enjoy the game though.

    • I wouldn’t say toxic and unbearable, but there is a stench of elitism that has been born from the gear focus endgame becomes. I’ve seen the kinds of people there are on League and Tera is not even close. The kinds of players also vary across the servers. PvP servers will naturally have super competitive players. PvE server Tempest Reach has probably the most elitism and guild drama of all the servers. The people on Celestial Hills tend to be more intelligent and friendly since it’s the roleplay server, but it has become more like a PvE server over time, sadly.

      In general though, I think the problem with modern MMOs like Tera is that they’re filled with players who are so used to playing MOBAs and single player console games that they don’t know how to be civil and social which is one of the main points of a MMO. All they care about is winning.


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