The official release date for the Tera: Rising content update and the free to play conversion is almost upon us! Both En Masse (US) and Gameforge (EU) have officially confirmed the magic date is February 5th.

In less than a week audiences will be able to jump into Tera free of charge and take advantage of new content that is being added. The Tera: Rising update adds a new multi level dungeon called the Crucible of Flame and also tosses in 3v3 PvP Battleground. No box purchase is required to jump into the action combat MMORPG, but a software purchase can grant you the “Founders” status which includes extra character slots and bank space.

Game content is not restricted for free to play players, but both publishers will continue to offer a subscription option that adds a faster dungeon cool down and daily consumables (as well as a few other perks) for players that want that extra pick me up while slaying. Item shop details also emerged; with players able to purchase typical boost items, potions, and name/appearance changes. In the future, the shop will also include exclusive mounts, weapon skins and clothing.

Will you be jumping in to Tera on February 5th? Let us know below!


  1. yes sure i will play i was waiting this game for more than 2 month and now it’s free to play i will jump to it and become new me in game 🙂 hope it be come fast to be free *Q*

    • can’t tell for sure, but there’s korean and japaneese versions to. i know for sure, that russia doesn’t have an access.

      • the supports ok but the cash shop the restrictions and the way that they handled aions eu updates were horrid. having played the eu version as well as the na i can say that confidently. after that i don’t trust them to handle tera any better. so im going stick with enmasse.

        • I can’t speak for Aion since I’ve hardly played it since it was released years ago. They are however doing quite well with Raiderz at the moment, slow on updates for sure but they’re not complete assholes like PWE or similar publishers.
          You might’ve had bad experiences with them and I might have them too someday, but at the moment it’s all fine and I don’t see a reason to leave the EU servers.

          • for me they are 50-50 just for the 2 reasons u guys mentioned above which are unlike pwe they do update raiderz(while pwe seems to like fogoten or more like abandoned the game)but idk after what they did to aion i am still now sure either way only time can tell for me personally its 50-50 for gameforge(for now)

    • as far as i know no restrictions from enmase but as far as its gameforge i cant tell for some reason gameforge seems to like “tortunging” players by restricting content but we will see what happens in 5 days 😛

  2. yes yes yes yes yes… been waiting for this… for the love of peanut butter I can’t wait! I’ve gotten my archer to level 26 and want to jump back into the game!

  3. no need to curse internet tuff guy…. but Trandill is correct its 25.8 GB (27,809,273,127 bytes) with current patch so 50 gigs is a “little” bit off

    trust me I understand It seemed like it was 50 gigs the nature of that patcher made it seem as if you were downloading every mmo known to man @ 24kbps LOL but ya bad info on the 50 gig.

    • its really 50gigs, I almost deleted bunch of games that I don’t play to free up space.. if you don’t believe it, go google it for more details with requirements.

      as well my pc specs

      FX-6200 O.C 4.2Ghz
      GTX 550 Ti O.C 975Mhz
      8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz

      running tera settings at ultra

      around 60+ Fps

      was streaming it a day ago.

      But yea 50gb is abit a turn off, and gameplay.

  4. First time I played WoW thought: “A game like this, but with real time hack ‘n slash combat would be epic”…. aaaand few years later Tera was launched, and now for free!!. Already on a discovery account with a lvl 23 warrior and like it a lot!. Was playing Raiderz previosly but the free class customization is not as good as it sounds (at least for me). There are no “taunt” skills for tanking, and on an instance group it seems everyone is on its own, with healer getting a bad time. Also game content is a joke. Reached level cap and seems I only played a demo. So hooked to Tera and recomend every one else do the same.

    • got mine warrior to lvl 18 but then i just bought gw2 and i dont care about tera that much.

      overall combat is great. graphics are amazing and now for a f2p and mmo. but the core of this game is just lacking. too grindy, too questy, too common overall. it beats riderz, yes, easily. but further the road of mmos? even c9, rusty hearts, god help me but even lineage1-2 have much more to deliver. and first 2 aren’t that old, mind you and no p2p background to backup content variety.

      it’s just that having those top features like combat and graphics tera is just an empty grinder.time waster, imho.

      • OK, you didn’t get on the first instanced dungeon or beat your first BAM, neither crafted your first green equipment or got your first blue equipment. You missed the fun part!, all the fist part on every MMORPG is full of questing and grinding, just to get you familiar with your character and level you up. C9 and and Rusty Hearts are instanced games with missions systems, not Open and persistent world. Apples and oranges. Lineage 1 – 2 are not action combat based (I prefer Aion for that kind of MMORPG). Tera and Raiderz are the only MMORPGs today that offer hack `n Slash combat on an open and persistent world. Think that’s pretty unique.

        • You, Sir, are going over the top. i never said tera is bad game and i actually show my personal involvment with it. i love graphics, i adore the world. really from now on – every game should look like tera. thats the best part of it. and you know, when graphics are “the best” there’s not that much to exploit.

          Apples and oranges – i never was for compare this games in any case. instead, because of different background and schemes i named them as a good example when game provides content, activities and etc. for players. i know there’s more of that, i just named first ones that came to my mind.


          i don’t want to spend like 30 hours just to get a feel of game. sorry, when im going for entertainment i want to be entertained. i dont want game, that makes me part of it’s system and does whatever it wants with me on the road. it’s just wrong. after i got my gw2 i don’t understand how people can and want to pay for games like this. yep gw2 isnt perfect, far from that. but man is it a mmo of new century!

    • i doubt it was 50 :] 15 maybe:) overall it was said a lot of times – tera has only somewhat of fun combat system and top graphics. that’s all.

      but for me, as someone from eu, it’s quite important. it’s the first time time that gameforge goes to please f2p players and, perhaps, save game itself. they managed to ruin aion, now it;s teras turn. let’s just see what happens.

      my da bomb goes for sejore, seioure, sezure or whatever the nick of this host is. nothing personal, but you guys are so often making a “joke” about not being able to spell a nick and now imagine someone who likes this website but cant spell your nicks on the fly! brimm and magickman is simple, but sejoure sezere or whatever – da bomb to u! ps. i like your opinions, go for f2p cast more often and go do more first looks you laze sezure!

      • I tried tera bro, I played it, but then again 50gigabytes of space, game play is not that good imo, right now I am streaming Guild wars 2 here, and other games too, tho tera is surely 100% better than raiderz, but I guess my taste isnt just for tera.

        so I guess i’ll be staying with GW2 til ESO gonna come out.

        • i am not sure which tera u personally downloaded sir but there is like 15GB its not 50 i think u overeacting there and as for gw2 never played but i heard after u “finish” it and raise cap all u can do is lets say make more chars(ofc different classes probably so u wont get bored quickly)and thats though i am not sure how true or false that might be

          • oops correction on that i apoligize if put all together(with the patching)its total 50gb pretty much.Sorry about that my bad

          • gw2 is actually a very well made game, but i can tell you guys, end game is boring, and devs not doing much about pvp too.. imo GW2 is a dying game, but I think people still enjoying the zergs in World vs World, pvp is wrecked by same class same specs vice versa, not much to do there really, but over all quality you’ll like the game at first but as you play it alot, it gets boring and boring, but its not as grindfest like other mmos.

        • ugm, dunno my install folder of tera takes 26gb, eu version. whatever, we travel on the same road, all kudos and love for gw2. despite great graphics, tera sucks hard. and i can’t imagine how people were paying real money for such empty game. it’s more like tech demo than finished product.

  5. I am very skeptical on how this is going to work, if you still want to pay the $15 a month you get a daily boost to exp, gold, and rep. That bonus is a 100% increase, I am furious about that. I mean come on a 100% increase to gold from BOTH kills and quests, f** off publishers, seriously. It’s going to imbalance the economy so much, especially with the new enchanting system changes. Just sounds like they are trying to money grub as much as they can. And this is coming from a guy who bought the collectors edition before release and payed for 3 months of game time.

  6. Going to be fun like the combat, make sure you do not join the PvP server …. I thought that i could not get ganked because i was a “discovery” edition but nope you can at lvl 12 when you move to the second zone you will see hundreds of lvl 60’s standing at the safe zone wall (kinda reminds me of diablo 2) waiting for the nooobs to walk out. sad thing is you would think moving chan / questing in the bushes with camera turned to the road would help no not in the least seems the players that are mad that their publisher went f2p feel cheated and therefor are going to gank any new member with extreme hate. EVERYthing is the same about the game on the pve server besides no ganking we wont call you a carebear there promise Looking forward to the fifth.

  7. Game is just awesome. Quests are plain “go there, kill this number of that mob”, but fighting is epic. BAM fights and dungeons are great. I have not reached a CAP level toon yet (but I am close enough), and I was hearing complaints for significant lag in the first raid though… that thas was back in August and I keep my hopes high that things might have improved since. Can’t wait!!!

  8. i am glad this goes f2p so soon and i am happy there are no restrictions for this whatsoever i’ve tryed this game till lvl 20-25 and its really worth playin unfortunatelly i gotta wait until i buy a new graphic card(if i buy 1)good luck and have fun to whoever will and can try this

    • hmm p2p isnt the future indeed but i wouldn’t say that ONLY f2p is the future(though idk if u meant that JUST f2p is the future or u meant that p2p is stupid/dumb or not the future for any game)i do beleive f2p AND b2p is the future but i gota gree p2p is defenetly not anymore

  9. A great game now for free, im happy. Everyone should try it. Hope the cash shop dont turn out unfair. Cant wait to try out guild battles. peace (-.-)_y

  10. I will be able to play as a veteran, which doesn’t sound all bad. I’m looking forward to wasting my money on cosmetic items, seriously I definitely will…

  11. LAST! (because being mounted or first on the internet is like winning the special Olympics).

    So any ways, Yeah, this whole “founders” verbage is sucha marketing scam. May the zombie mush brains enjoy the verbage and think they sound “in the cool” as they sling around this little barf filled word. May all the others take head and know supporting your time and potential cash will only fuk u over as they may or may not implement lock boxes (any one seeing the PWE pattern in all publishers::: Lock boxes…founders…keys…P2W or grind until your 80)…PASS, pass, anddddddddddddddddddddddddd PASS

    • So, tell me. Exactly how hard is it to sound so moronic while hiding behind the guise of intelligence? I personally admit, your talent for it impresses me.

    • Do you have a brain disease?

      No, seriously.

      “sling around this little barf filled word”
      Barf-filled word? I haven’t used the word barf since I was 6 years old. Furthermore, hyphenating with ‘-filled’ shows your utter lack of range in vocabulary and clausal structure. A word is not a physical vessel, even metaphorically this doesn’t make sense to anyone who speaks English. It seems you suffer from a grandiose delusion, such that your ego impedes any intellectual gains on the basis that you ‘think you’re intelligent’ already.

      My point in writing this: read more, learn more, and understand this true fact– intelligent people never claim it, because they are wise enough to understand how little they truly know.

    • I, for one, am entertained on Cacalips’ hatred of “first” and “mounted”; that sh!t gets old.

      As for the topic of Tera, been wanting to play it, just didnt want to shell out cash for it and now my chance.

    • Nothing is P2W about it and the Founder title is for players that have been playing the original Subcscription Tera. Nothing wrong with that and getting a little extra, considering youve been paying 15 a month for a game that is now free


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