Converting a Pay-to-Play MMORPG to Free-to-Play is akin to resuscitating a dying individual with high voltage shock paddles. An MMO can go from DOA to alive and thriving within the time span of just a few months. A F2P medicine miracle if you will. Today, we have yet another survival/success story with TERA: Rising reporting over a half a million new users registered since the game moved to free-to-play on February 5th. It should be noted that these are figures from just the EU version and do not include NA.

Gameforge has released a few TERA F2P stats for you to digest:

* Around 1.5 million characters have been created since the game switched to F2P
* The Castanics are the most popular race with the Humans and High Elves shortly after.
* The Warrior enjoys the title of most popular class, followed by the Sorcerer and the Archer.

In the game’s next update which is scheduled for sometime this year, TERA will see new features added to its political system including the ability for guilds to enter into alliances with other guilds and vie for supremacy against others on their server. Are you enjoying TERA?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. omg thats it, im done with this game. the graphic sux, no storyline, even worse than age of wushu. i’d rather live in that world.

  2. well 4 a free to play game that does not require any subscription is awesome … and IT IS FTP! Any1 doesnt like the grind or whatever O.o – for a free game does offer a lot .. if u think its not worth playing just find better game :)) if u can 😉

  3. half a million of new players??? try to count a couple months later … i have play the first 2 weeks and is ok but i will never play againg , there are and it will be better games , so why to pay for this??? i think the players will leave the game apart soon…

  4. Not going to lie i loved that (tab and fight) or (click and fight) but after having a fierce (Archer vs. Sorcerer) PVP battle with my friend i fell in love with this game <3
    I mean like that match went on for like more than 5 min and we was only level 7 or 8. I was like i can't wait until i'm like a high level because that was intense match. I been playing (click and fight) for like 7 years and Tera was the second free aim game I played beside Guild War 2 O_O

  5. I really enjoy this game. IT is casual friendly and has hardcore appeal. All and all just a really well designed game. PEople complain of “grind” but there is not. I am level 30 two weeks casual play and have a top character from dedicated play (and no where near a grind as other mmorpgs.
    The game has a great story. Allot of trolls say “only lancer is best class, ga,e has boring quest, no end game” – All false, this game has the best priest class I ever played. I have great pve and solo skills, and then a entire row of heal and group support skills. Love playing it! The questing is epic. You do not go 1 to 2. It is like AION, 1 to 3 to 2 to 5 and maybe back to 1 to do some more things. YOu constantly are moving, seeing new mobs and maps. In fact, the most of anything you ever have to kill is 20, it usually is 10. So that changes pace in a good way. VARIETY.
    Quest is epic, they do lot sof cutscenes, movies, and then even INSTANCED STORY QUEST, where you teleport into a plot of a story and have to help do something like protect from waves of mobs, or discover something…Etc. We can say it is like a dyanmic event instanced for you (unlike GW2 where you have to have 20 others loggin same time or else skip it).
    Cash shop balanced, and I am end game without need of it.
    There is this HORRIBLE mmorpg site called The idiot there, named CHAOS, does not like this game so he made a “balanced” video and called this game hard to run (I run in medium high on a 6 year old crap system), grindy, and dumb (he did not like the sound files). He ran this game into the ground and when I commented nicely and made a little review, he got mad, blocked me from all his networks and promotes fals claims about this game. I advise you all to go there and troll him!

  6. Anyone know they fixed the queue system or not because I try play the game in the past and horrible waiting time show me? (45 min or more) (Sorry my bad English)

    • Yeah, they fixed the insane que times. They were somewhat unprepared for the f2p transition, but they got all that sorted out. They’ve had it sorted out for a while now, actually. Anywho, man, best of luck with it all. Hope you figure something out.

    • Im on Indonesia which is on sea region,and i can play. but with bad ping (400-3k ping). do u play or ? dont play the enmasse one cause they block asia ip. try playing on the europe server.

  7. The graphics are awesome, the free aim combat is nice altho ends up with a lot of space spam

    everything else is garbage content, most people quit around 40 im told by my guild, i wish i quit before that

    • Space spam…yeah, you FAILED at aiming and therefore call it space spam. NICE! go troll elsewhere.
      COntent is epic and there is no other mmorpg that does anything different or better. So…stick to tetris, your guild tells you people quit by 40…yet they still play in a guild…and you wish you quit before…you are dumb.
      That is something that idiot at said: “People told me at around level 30 the game gets fun”. No, the reviewer never left the level 10 noob island, do that in one day. The game gets better yes, but it is great since level 1. As you advance the game changes, you go from level 1-25 questing and dungeoning, then open world labyriths open up, a sort of dungeon like system but not instanced, soloable, and related to your story/map. Most people complaining they had bad time at 40 are speed levelers looking to be garnished with WoW glory at 40…

  8. Impressive. Is the “half a million new users” a number from Gameforge as well? If so that means these are only EU numbers. Wonder what NA would be then.

    • F2P release EU was so full 3 hour waits to get in, and 13 channels plugged max in each server. Now, it is calm and 3 channels medium on the week days and 6 channels light on the weekends. no more waits, new character block and new servers to direct traffic.
      I heard US still has waits though, so I Think they are more populated.

  9. Great game, very fun to play. At first I thought it was like RaiderZ and skipped on playing it. But after trying it, it really got me hooked.

    • I can’t explain it, but there is a deffinatly something different about TERA action than RaiderZ…it is like, more hypnotic, where RaiderZ is more, stiff…if you will. RaiderZ has this “cheaper” feel to it, where you feel the mechanics and the game is no longer a game, just a “look like everyone” grind fest…and RaiderZ is the BORING quest system, in small maps spamming uninspiring mobs everywhere…TERA has a great mob placement and the way they interact with you. If you pass them they interact and recognize you are “there”. It brings a “world alive” touch to the game. I like that. Lots of little things in TERA make it perky.

      • Really? “TERA has a great mob placement and the way they interact with you.” I don’t think so because:
        1. too many iterations of the same mob and sometimes in the “neighborhood” that even sometimes people think the quests are bugged and it turns out they hit the wrong mob (u can imagine the spam in world chat!). One example is that tree mob in lvl 1 accompanies you till lvl 50+…..

        2. The way they interact with you, like you say, is there in many mmos in the aggressive monsters that chase you. However, the AI here is “repetitive” to say the least, since it sometimes uses the same attack for about six times consecutively.

        sorry about the wall of text, but there is till repetition in this game….

  10. That rise in players is highly noticeable, and it’s mostly positive. (:
    Does anyone have the US stats? Are they doing as good? I honestly don’t know much about the US version.

    • I’d imagine the NA version doing better than the EU, actually. From what I remember, a lot of EU players switched over to NA servers due to the way Gameforge handled the f2p transition. But eh, I can’t say for certain. It’s all a game of guessing for the time being.

      • From what I’ve heard it’s been kind of the opposite, people going from NA to EU I mean. I have no idea which one is true.
        I guess there’s no good sources for that yet. /:

  11. 1 combat – 20 minutes and full health both players, missed spells – 2000000000000, free aim in MMORPG IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think that’s a problem with the game as I also play tera and don’t suffer from what you’ve stated, you may have high ping or something else

      • The game play is actually very smooth. I wasn’t thrilled about the free aim system either when I first started playing (during beta not F2P), but since F2P I gave it another shot and they’ve fixed a lot of the grinding issues. I actually prefer the combat system to the “tab click” approach.

    • That’s just being stupid. Don’t go around playing an ction game if you don’t even know how to play it.. It depends on your player skills. I think you’re just stupid and idiotic.

    • So you like standing there…1….2……………..1………..5…….2…………1……..

      tab targeting. New action….1 move dodge, run, circle, 2-3 right clikc jump! shiiittt this is epic battle!

      Guess to each his own.


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