New content for guilds has arrived in TERA thanks to the new, punnily named, “The Guilded Age” update. With the update guild quests, levels, and skills have been added to the free-to-play game — along with some spiffy new flying dragon mounts.

Under the new system, guilds can now do quests together that will take into account each member’s participation and earn the guild experience as a whole, helping to level the guild. The guild will also earn funds and points which can be used in the guild shop and to purchase guild skills respectively.

Another guild-specific addition is the new guild-vs-guild battle “Civil Unrest: Velika.” This new battleground mode will take place every Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. Pacific and is open to all guilds who build a tower in the Velika Conflict Zone. The guild with the last tower standing wins and receives a cut of taxes collected on merchant sales until the next event.

And then there are the new flying mounts… Dragons. You can check these out in the video below.

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  1. It’s always the same with those shit companies.
    Just like nexon is a cancer upon murica, gameforge is a cancer upon eu.
    And there are so-many-cancers to go around.

  2. Now this update seems worth it and benefits all guilds in tera online. But I feel bad for the tera online fans who got stuck with gameforge who will probably add a pay 2 win tatic somewhere.

    • Now that I would believe since gameforge is all about paid 2 win stuff. So glad the publisher for tera online in my country is en masse entertainment. I don’t even play the games gameforge publishes because of how they are. They even have a game they are publishing called soulworker in the west which I’m upset about since they will probably put so many paid 2 win tatics in it.

      • yeah man I was actively playing tera NA when game forge just trashed their EU copy. We had so many “refugees” from EU come over to the NA version but then ultimately quit due to ping. Was sorta sad. Gameforge is pretty underhanded.

        • I am from EU (France). PLayed on both. Stuck with US. Not a lick of ping. Smooth as butter. Actually plays better than most STEAM games in the “EU” region lol

      • Gameforge trashes everything they get. I tried one of their games and uninstalled it 30 minutes later because of how bad it was. So I wouldn’t be suprised if players from the tera online from the EU servers were coming over to the NA servers.


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