If you’re feeling the need for speed, the EGS’s free offerings has you covered. There are two freebies this week. The first is an indie offering from Funselektor Labs titled Absolute Drift. As you might guess from the title, this game is all about drifting. Players practice their skills on tracks designed to teach them how to be the best possible drifters. The game is designed with a minimalist feel, and features three game modes with 34 levels. There are also five “free-roaming” areas for when players really want to get creative. Absolute Drift normally runs $12, and there is no DLC to worry about with this one.

The other title up for grabs this week is id Software and Avalanche Studios’ Rage 2. Take to the open road as the last ranger of the Wasteland, fight bloodthirsty gangs and the Authority that’s out for control. In addition to typical mayhem shooter-y combat, the open-world game also features vehicle combat appropriate for the open-world environment. Rage 2’s base game normally costs $60, so you’ll save a good bit here. Again, there is no DLC, but Epic is selling Rage Coins at varying amounts.


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