Texas is in the grips of the worst winter storm it’s seen in decades. You probably knew that, unless you’ve been without power for a few days — which is something many residents of the state are unfortunately having to deal with. You probably also know that several game studios are located in Texas, specifically Austin, and the storm is causing a few of them to miss their next scheduled updates.

Scheduled for yesterday, Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s Update 6.2.1 is being pushed back, “Due to the on-going severe weather situation in Austin, TX (where our studio is located),” according to a forum post. No date was given for when the update would finally be launched.

Things are a little clearer for Blade & Soul’s Eternal Blade update. That one was supposed to release today, February 17, but it’s being pushed back a week to the 24th. “Rolling blackouts prevent our Server Operations team from securely deploying the necessary builds and files for the update,” NCSoft said in its update about the update.

While not free-to-play, one other game that’s been making the news with for its staff’s efforts to survive the wintry hellscape that used to be Texas is Fallout 76. Project Lead Jeff Gardiner reported that not only will the next PTS update be delayed but that some members of the dev team are having to take some radical measures to survive:

Our best wishes go out to everyone affected by the storm. We hope you stay safe and warm, and do your best to look after those who need help.


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