The Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Starts This Weekend, November 5-6

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Apex Legends Global Series Pro

Apex Legends Global Series Pro League is back this weekend, November 5 and 6. ALGS Year 3 Split 1 Pro League will feature 30 teams in each region, 150 squads total, separated into North America, EMEA, APAC North, APAC South, and South America. The 30 teams in each region are seeded into three groups of ten using past ALGS Year 2 success and subsequent performance in the Year 3 Preseason Qualifiers to determine the participants.

Teams will compete in a triple round-robin-format with 36 matches (six series; six matches for each series). Then, top performers will qualify for the in-person Split 1 Playoffs occurring later this winter.

The North American and EMEA regions will air in English on the official Apex Legends esports channels on Twitch and YouTube, competing from November 6 to December 18. APAC North will run from November 6 to December 11. APAC South and South America play from November 5 to December 10. More information about group schedules can be found here.

Players and viewers can look forward to some of the biggest casters in esports providing insightful analysis and intriguing ALGS perspectives throughout the season including Raynday, VikkiKitty, Onset, Gaskin, Falloutt, and Spidertiff.

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