The Cycle's Next Beta Test Runs All Of October, Will Offer First Access To Revamped Map

Receive an exclusive outfit for participating.

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The Cycle Closed Beta

The closed beta for the revamped version of The Cycle is just about ready to kick off, Yager announced today. The test will offer first-time access to the newly reworked Crescent Falls map, which was "rebuilt to fit the new direction of the game." (I hope it still has the "pain train.")

Yager said that the revised map will offer more diverse loot, improved crafting and weapon modding, updates to the private quarters system, and more. Participants will earn an exclusive outfit that will carry over into the full game launch.

In case you need a refresher, we learned about The Cycle's upcoming changes a few months ago. Personally, I've avoided the previous tests, due to the seeming focus the new version of the game will have on a more "high-stakes," winner-take-all style of gameplay, but I might dip a toe in this time to see if my fears are justified.

The Cycle beta test will take place for a full month, running from September 30 to November 1. You can sign up for the test on either the Epic Games Store or Steam.

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