The First Ever Kakao Now Stream Offers Players Advanced Looks At Several Games' Upcoming Content

Games covered include Elyon, ArcheAge, some mobile titles, and the console game Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment.

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Dev streams have become a popular way for video game developers to communicate with their player base. The frequency and structure of them may differ, but the point is still the same every time one is done – to share information with players in a more personal way while reaching as many people as possible. Today, Kakao Games joined other developers like HoYoVerse, Squre Enix, Sega, and more with its first-ever Kakao Now stream.

In this stream, the devs offered an early look at content coming to several of the company's games. Titles included Elyon, ArcheAge, and Eternal Return. (Or rather, Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment, the console game.) As noted at the beginning of the stream, the content covered here is for the European and North American versions of the game and while there are no trailers this go-round, players can expect some in future streams.

The game that got the most love on this particular stream is also the one they kicked things off with: Elyon. There’s a lot coming to Elyon, including a new 30-person raid in which players will take on a massive dragon name Irukas. Irukas is the champion of the Dragon's Arena and the holder of the title "King of Battles" and it will take a large group of players to take that title from him.

Also revealed during the Elyon portion of the stream was a new Clan-based Hunting Ground titled Temple of Desire. In this arena, players can attack any player from enemy clans without faction having any bearing on it. This is something a lot of clans will probably want to get in on because victory comes with the ability to occupy high-efficiency Hunting Grounds and earn the most profit.

Speaking of hunting grounds, an underwater one is coming as well. The Secret Sea can only be reached using submarines. And yes, there are monsters lurking down there.

Also of note – although not anywhere near the last bit of content revealed for Elyon in this stream – are two new classes. Players can now look forward to being a Paladin or a Soulbringer. The Paladin is pretty much what you'd expect from any class with that name in any game. They're capable of healing and defense and will make an important addition to any team. Soulbringer, on the other hand, is a fast-paced melee class with a sword and the ability to manipulate souls. This means they have abilities that allow them to wound their enemies by revealing the weakness in their souls.

Discussing ArcheAge, and ArcheAge Unchained, the developers addressed the game's battle pass, noting that players found it boring. As a result, they've revamped it and put together something they believe has "really cool rewards without being overpowered". The new pass coming to Unchained includes a Steel Lightning mount. This mount features speed boosts and stun skills. The cherry on the top is a stealth skill that will allow the player to sneak up on mobs while riding it. If there were other mounts you were hoping for, like the Typhoon Drake, don’t worry. They have plans to include them in upcoming passes.

As for March content in general, players can look forward to several new cloak types. The Mistsong Summit Dungeon is getting love as well. To cap things off, a new zone was teased, but it was a super-teasy tease as the zone won't arrive until sometime this summer.

Finally, the stream also offered a look at the console game Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment. The game is intended to be available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. It will feature all the characters in the current Eternal Return game, although some may arrive later for technical reasons. Players should look for Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment to arrive near the end of the year.

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