The Isometric MMO The Wagadu Chronicles Enters Its Third Pre-Alpha Test Next Month

This MMO is truly one of a kind and perfect for any role-playing fan.

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Wagadu Chronicles Lead

To those who have been following the development of the Afrofantasy world–The Wagadu Chronicles–the game will enter its third pre-alpha next month on March 13. Those who would like to participate in the MMORPG game's test can register now by answering a short survey.

An NDA will sadly cover the third pre-alpha test, so players who get in won’t be able to share much–if anything–and those who don’t get in will have to wait for the next alpha or update from the team's official Twitter. Players that are lucky enough to get into the pre-alpha test will need to provide some information about the character they’ll be making and their username on the game’s Discord.

While the game is still early in development, many have been closely following Twin Drums's development team for their slew of unique features like multiplayer synchronous turn-based combat and cinematic dialogue mode for curated role-play interactions. The Wagadu Chronicles can even be experienced as a pen & paper role-playing setting compatible with D&D 5th Edition.

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