The Mariner Class Sails Into The Lord Of The Rings Online With Today's Update

There's also adjustments to existing classes.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

LOTRO Corsairs of Umbra

Update 37.2 for The Lord of the Rings Online, which goes live today, introduces the Mariner class and makes adjustments to some existing classes in the MMORPG.

The new Mariner class is characterized as a confident melee fighter that’s proficient with swords. Mariners use a unique "Balance" system, featuring states like Aftward, Steady, and Foreward. They employ swordplay skills to create skill combos, enhancing their combat effectiveness. Mariners can specialize in one of three trait specializations: Shanty-caller, Duellist, or Rover, each focusing on different aspects of gameplay.

In terms of class adjustments, Burglar's Trickster tricks now apply Major Rent Armour, Champion's Advantage enhances Blade Skills Damage, Guardian's Bolstering Blocks is adjusted to prevent excessive healing, and Hunter's Bodkin Arrows affect Induction Skill Damage, among other alterations.

Additionally, the update brings improvements to the Forester Event, fixes miscellaneous issues, and addresses known bugs. However, there are still some known issues, including tooltip problems with certain traits and skills related to the Mariner class, as well as some animation and language-related issues.

Pre-purchase for the Corsairs of Umbar expansion is now live on the official site.

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