The Spice Will Flow In World Of Tanks With The Dune: Part Two Event

Whatever version of World of Tanks you play, there’s something Dune-themed coming your way.

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World Of Tanks Dune Battle Pass

Maybe I should quit being surprised by the kinds of crossovers that happen in World of Tanks, but today is not going to be that day. Today, Wargaming announced that thanks to a licensing deal with Legendary Entertainment, World of Tanks players can expect a little Dune in their war vehicle game.

What kind of Dune content players get will depend on which of the available World of Tanks games they happen to play.

In the PC version of World of Tanks, players will be able to recruit heroes and villains from Dune: Part Two during the Destiny Arrives Battle Pass, beginning February 15. The pass lasts for ten days, during that time rewards will also include Dune-themed 2D styles, decals, and more. The Battle Pass will also include a Tier VIII Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 premium tank with permanent 3D styles and special effects.

World of Tanks Blitz will feature a planetary-scale event. Kicking off on February 23 and running through March 7, the event will offer players Dune-themed items like the Crysknife and Maker hooks. Also included will be Gurney Halleck’s profile background and avatar as well as the “Beast” Rabban and Fremen quests. The big reward will be the Groundtank inspired by the Sardukar forces.

Finally, Modern Armor will host a limited-time event with three stages beginning March 5. Each stage has its own set of tasks and Dune: Part Two-themed rewards. As players complete these stages various Dune characters will be made available as Commanders. “Beast” Rabban will become available as a 3D Commander exclusively for console players.

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