There Really Is An ArcheAge-Inspired NFT Game And Pre-Registration Is Now Live

Exciting news, for some, we guess.

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ArcheWorld NFT Game Pre-Registration

At this point in gaming, it would be foolish to think that big game companies aren’t going to dabble in the whole crypto/NFT thing. They’re here to make money, after all, so I’m sure no one was terribly shocked when it was revealed about a month ago that Kakao Games had partnered with blockchain platform BORA on an ArcheAge-themed NFT MMO titled ArcheWorld.

The pitch is basically the same as any of the other NFT game ideas. Players “own everything they create” using blockchain technology. This also ties into the play-to-earn model where players are making quests and other content for the game.

Now, players can pre-register for the game, which is described as “the first seamless, open-world PC MMORPG” that uses NFT. Items considered to be “owned” by players include houses, pets, vehicles, gear, and land. The game’s currency is ‘Archeum’ which can be exchanged for BlueSalt in-game. BlueSalt or (BSLT) can be traded for NFTs or exchanged on BORA.

Pre-registration seems a bit more involved. Yes, you still click on a pre-registration button and do your stuff, but there are also two “whitelist” options that require players to complete several tasks in order to be randomly selected for whitelist status, which offers exclusive benefits. The first whitelist option rewards the winner with an opportunity to participate in the 2nd mint of an ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT. And, if you do the stuff needed to qualify for that, you may as well go ahead and try for the Special Whitelist, which offers a chance to get in on the 1st mint at 50% off.

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Flintstone 2 years ago
Its all good for the gambler guy like me. the idea though that people need to understand is its a loss gain loss game. even if you spent 3 mths - 3years collecting all this nft reward shit that they are tempting you wth little pesky fagins would do, You can lose the lot. its not worth that game time to gamble your life away for game.
NFT's = This is not gaming.
Gaming is fun
Gambling is straight up gambling go grab your most stupidest name and stick with it that's your gamble for today. lol
how many launched today..
go gambling you gamblers..
. .

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