Next Tuesday, Guild Wars 2 fans will get the newest installment in Season 3 of the Living Story. Today, we got a glimpse of what’s to come, with a teaser trailer for Chapter 2 of the story, Rising Flames.

The heroes of Tyria have a lot to contend with, with one of the villainous Mursaat coming back from the dead and the elder dragon of fire, Primordus, also becoming active. There’s a “cataclysmic eruption” brewing in the island chain known as the Ring of Fire, which hasn’t been seen since the days of the first Guild Wars.

Apart from the new zone, Rising Flames has a lot to offer, including a new PvP map and the return of renown hearts, as we covered previously. The update hits on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

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  1. I Recomend it finaly got allot end game content. after lv 80 u got mastery lv up to lv300. and thay went back to some Guild wars 1 and made some story content from it to face old enimies in gw2. allso there is orginal story 8 chapters of long adventure play then u got living world seson 2 that is allso 8 chapters to play. and expantion after that with 8 chapters. and naw seson 3 of living world live with new story content. and then u got raids 10 man elit dungeons to do. with intens combat. explore the world and do the jumping pussles and mini instanses indiana jones styl! traps and all 😀 and with flying mode adde u wont fall to ur death eny more 😀 with u learn lather at lv 80 with master lv.


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