Genshin Impact‘s Version 1.1 update, A new Star Approaches, has finally arrived. As promised, the update added four new playable characters, kicked off the second battle pass, and implements several new systems. There are also several new quests, and on the 16th, the game’s first seasonal event will be under way.

Considering the information that miHoYo dropped leading up to the release of this update, it shouldn’t be shocking to discover that the new systems implemented are pretty sizeable quality of life improvements. For instance, the new archive (found in the game’s main menu) makes it easy to sort through equipment, materials, and even all those books we just keep acquiring. The Geography archive will probably end up being more useful to new players as far as Mondstat and Liyue go, since it’s a “find these important locations” thing. But, if you want it all noted in the archive, you’re going to have to go looking for those spots again and activate the purple marker when you find it.

Speaking of location, in addition to giving players a new reason to complete quests, level up, and acquire goodies, the game’s reputation system looks to be a pretty surefire way of figuring out what you may not have already done (because it’s stuck allllll the way out in the ocean on an island not marked on the map that you haven’t even considered looking for yet). The reputation system is also how players will go about getting their handy-dandy gadgets that are going to make things like getting around and finding necessary items even easier.

On a side note, miHoYo also gifted players with some primogems for the downtime as well as some issues they discovered. So, when you log in, you’ll have 600 primogems waiting for you.

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