Today's Gigantic Update Is Its Last, Game Will Shut Down July 31

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

When Gigantic developer Motiga closed its doors in November and turned the game over to publisher Perfect World Entertainment, the message was that it would continue "full steam ahead with the upcoming November update and future content."

Apparently that steam has run out. Today, Perfect World Entertainment announced that Gigantic's January update would be its last, and that the troubled game would shut down on July 31. Until then, all heroes will be free, and other purchases have been disabled.

Gigantic's and Motiga's troubles have been well-documented. From delays to layoffs to questionable spending decisions, it's been a rocky road for the free-to-play hero shooter. It was actually announced several months before Overwatch, but didn't launch until after Blizzard's title took over the genre. Maybe it was just a victim of bad timing, not having a chance to capture an audience in the small window it had available.

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Discussion (12)

Todoran 5 years ago
what but but this was the awsome best ever madehero shooter moba......... all the keyboard wariours... ?????? where are they???? why????? this was going to kill OW..... this and the other one..... i cant even remember the name??? what happend???? wow u guys......... "launchig OW" :)))))))))))))))) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahha

BigPops 5 years ago
This one hurts. Gigantic is a great game, and is in no way "just another moba" as some have said. It took the best elements of mobks and a hero shooter and put them together into a great experience. It's a shame it never reached the audience it deserved. The devs just never got around to fixing some of its biggest issues, like the 6gb ram requirement. Really hope something will happen or someone will step in and buy the game once pwe shuts down servers. With the right marketing it really could be something special.

AMP 5 years ago
This is just sad. It was a nice game with a lot of potential - but it just couldn't get a large audience especially with Overwatch still in the picture.

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Cristóbal 5 years ago
This is really sad, the game is really good, it just did not reach a large audience that it deserved. I'm too sad for all the effort put by the designers and programmers. Thanks for giving so much

CASTER 5 years ago
I love GIGANTIC! The best game ever! Thank you for being a part of my life! I hope some other developers out there will consider to take over this amazing game. The airship will fly again someday!!! GO GIGANTIC!

Jafarson 5 years ago
This will save ppl from eye cataract

Dew 5 years ago
Sad to see it goes like this, funniest heroes shooter games in have played in years, even better than OW.
This game and Dawngate deserved much better. Unfortunately, the market is so saturated right now and laying off your dev team early is only the sight of the game's inevitable doom.

Deathloche 5 years ago
Another MOBA bites the dust. I hope now these devs and publishers will see that the market is only built for a handful. Heroes of the Storm, Smite, Dota 2 and LoL. Let them run the market and quit making MOBAs like people are goint to play them.

Cool Fez 5 years ago
gg perfect microtransaction world has bought up another good game to ruin it and leave it in a ditch

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Staro 5 years ago
rip it was a good, unique game.

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