IMCGames is continuing the development of Tree of Savior, their free to play MMORPG, and Nexon is moving the game to its second closed beta phase in Korea. While we did receive the great news back at G-Star that Tree of Savior will eventually see a release around the world, we still know very little about the title itself.

Tree of Savior has an art style that I just love. It kind of reminds me of a less vibrant Legend of Mana, an art style I can’t wait to see in action. On the classes front, Tree of Savior looks to have PLENTY to choose from and even though I don’t speak Korean, a quick Google translate of the official class page should give you a basic idea of what types of classes you can expect to see.

If you’re looking forward to Tree of Savior, make sure to follow the game’s subreddit as many users are kind enough to offer translations of the latest news so you’re always in the know.

Check out the video above (which also shows off controller support) and keep looking to MMOBomb for more Tree of Savior news as it becomes available.

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  1. Can not wait T_T!
    Since Emil Chronicle online has no chance of having int release, this looks to be a great replacement!

  2. I Kinda see a little bit of Vindictus in it i dont know… and of course Ragnarok online, god i played the crap out of that one when i was a little shitter.
    Damn i could need a good MMORPG right now…. its been so long

  3. If you want even more info, do what the article says, visit the subreddit.
    You can ask questions, and find all your answers there.

    Theres a lot of videos and streams even (via YouTube streaming) going on when CBT server is up if you want a look! Check the subreddit for that info.

    Also to clear up any confusion, Nexon is hosting this game for the following regions:
    ChangYou is hosting this game for the following region:
    IMC Games (The developer themselves) are self publishing this game for:
    International \o/

    International testing is coming after this current Korean Closed Beta.
    The developers have worked with the community to translate this game to English at an extreme speed:

    They have listened to nearly every single suggestion from CB1, took their time and implemented them in CB2!

    Can’t wait to see this amazing game by amazing devs.

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