Halloween celebrations are officially under way at Trion Worlds. We’ve already told you about some of the festivities that are going on in RIFT and ArcheAge, so for the sake of brevity, we’ll just look at the rest. If you really want info on those two, you can follow the links above.

Now, as for the rest of Trion’s games, there’s a few things going on. In Trove, Shadow’s Eve has arrived with the Pumpkin’s Revenge event. This event introduces seven new seasonal missions, adds some new spooky lairs in each of the biomes, and introduces a new Mummy mount as well as a variety of other goodies, rewards, and more. Full details on this event are available on the Trove site.

As for Atlas Reactor and Devilian, each has their own thing going on, with the former celebrating its first anniversary and running a Holo Haunt event through November 7. Players can earn spooky skins and emblems during this time. Devilian players, on the other hand, will find a Ghoulicorn Supply Crate waiting for them when they log in and be able to buy Halloween themed items in the marketplace.



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