About the game:
Title: Devilian Online
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Bluehole Ginno Games
Publisher: Trion Worlds

Explosive Features:

  • Transformation Powers Up Characters
  • Diablo-Style Dungeon Crawler ARPG
  • Open World, Dungeons, and PvP

Devilian Online is an action RPG with a dark and sinister vibe, where characters must transform into devilish beasts to counter the otherworldly terrors that they’ll face on a regular basis. Choose from one of four classes, and when their array of swords and guns aren’t enough to keep the monsters at bay, unleash your darkest fantasies and become your own version of death incarnate.

There are several ways to enjoy in Devilian Online, which you can play as a straight-up MMO with quests and challenging dungeons, or you can jump into intense PvP battles ranging up to 20-on-20 slaughterhouses that pit entire guilds against each other.

In addition to the four classes and their devil forms, characters have a wide variety of customization options available to them, from skills to armor and weapons, letting you carve through the monstrous hordes via whatever method suits you best!

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System Requirements

Devilian Online System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit)
Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core
Memory Ram: 3GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA 9800 GTX / AMD HD 5670

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  1. Played from Feb – August/Sept 2016, can’t remember. Quit now, so what I wrote based on those times. Game/forum were dying, prices went crazy. Last I checked forum was December 2016 I think, seems picked up new blood.

    One note about this game to pay attention to. Player account divided by 2, VALIDATED and FREE. Free can’t start/reply PM to other player without accepting them into friend list, can’t talk in global chat as well, can’t INITIATE trade (only initiate it, so just ask paying player to help though prone to scam with non-trusted), can’t put item in auction house (still can buy from it though). Validated account removed all those restriction, validate by spend any amount of real money, lowest was 5$ if I recall. So Free account removed any social and monetary access, 2 things essentially all about MMORPG (work around to ask someone else to initiate trade, still need the chat too adv your wares). Despite what they said “to stop gold spammer” it isn’t.

    Fixed 3rd view camera, gender locked class.
    There were dungeons (3 players max – usually soloed), groups dungeons (3 players max – limited 2 entry per dungeons per day, although there’s reset entry ticket), and raid dungeons (9 players).

    Character leveling is fast, 2-3 days for hardcore player even 1 day with plvling, just take your time, gearing char is far more important.
    Speaking of item mall, definitely NOT P2W game, most of the items were cosmetics and mounts although their designs pretty much the same except change of color. Various pets, but the handy one is the auto-loot. Everything can be bought in-game.

    PvP, there were normal form and devilian form, 20v20, 3v3, 6v6, and mass pvp 120 players max, and guild war. Used to be both form for 20v20 and 3v3 but now dumbed down.
    3v3 (norm form), used to be for group play but easy to exploit by multiboxer to win-trade for weekly reward (snyc queue with alt and check, if they were the same they accept purposely lose the alts), was there when group-able, there when solo queue only, win trader still exist no matter what they did.
    6v6, 2 parts, first one PvE in norm form, then the PvP part in dev form. 2 events per week and open for only 2 hours each, pretty much the only way to train your dev form pvp.
    20v20 (norm form), can turn into dev form for limited time, queue could take ages, usually people asked for help to queue just to open it.
    Mass pvp (dev form), has potential but lag fest, enough said.
    Guild war, essentially 20v20 in dev form in GvG daily for points and there’s final and quarter final on weekend for reward.

    Lack of progression, developer unlocks dungeons/level cap every 3 months or so.
    Repetitive high end content, just dungeon, get gold, gems and repeat till bored.
    Typical customer service, the tech support great though (well, my experience was great).

    Overall, the Korean version (the original one) well developed but also very P2W. NA version is better, has so much potential but publisher (Trion) very disappointing they can’t do anything without BHG permission. Trion pretty much just a messenger to BHG while players feedback, suggestion on game balancing, ideas on implementation went to deaf ear. This and lack of progression which made players including me quit in my day.

  2. I just saw the devs saying they were building a mobile version of this game but with a different publisher which is good for the guys who like this game. I honestly haven’t tried this game yet but if the mobile version of this game is good I might try it since trion isn’t publishing the mobile version of devilian.

  3. This is Trion we’re talking about.. I remember 3 years ago I admired them for making the boldest move in making a massively online RTS. i followed it for months, playing in alpha and closed beta. With bugs and bad crashes, I stuck through because the gameplay was absolutely unique.

    “sorry guys we are making this a MOBA now for $$$$ :D”

    Literally retarded company that do not care about their customers, they just want to squeeze whatever money out of you before you realize they are assholes. Thats their company policy in a nutshell, because their free to play games are never free to play.

  4. Never will play a game by Trion again they rip off their paying patrons constantly ruining classes, making hard earned gear obsolete like pvp gear and especially when you paid into a game for boosts like favor and prestige vials. Not to mention making every class heal, which is redonkulas. Fix your current games before releasing another money pit like AA and Rift.

  5. This game was really fun at first, but it got old quick as Trion and BHG capped the release game at 52 when the game around the world was already capped at 60. This means have spent all their time trying to re-balance the game PvP-wise at 52 where the game is not intended to stay anyway. Once you hit cap, you grind gear (which doesn’t take long) and then you literally have nothing to do, because all the real content of the game (raids, guild bosses) is locked out in the mid-upper 50s levels.

    They pushed to release this game too fast. They have nerfed the ever-loving crap out of drops in an effort to slow down player progression to justify waiting to raise the cap. The longer they wait to raise the cap = the longer people are spending real money on the game = the more money Trion makes. Don’t buy into it.

    This game is not worth your time, even when they raise the cap to 54 mid-February. Give the game a year (if it’s even still alive) to wait until they actually release the rest of the game that was already developed.

  6. Horrible lag, No end game content, No customer support, consistently get dc or kicked out of dung. Did I mention SERVER WIDE 15 second lag spikes at any given time? At least 3-4 of those per hour. The community is already down to 5 people or so. This game failed hard.

  7. I have three issues with this game after playing for around 50 hours

    The questing and gameplay are so repetitive. Go this area and “Kill 10 monsters”, “Collect 10 items” and “Clear this dungeon”. Ok thank you Devilian. Now go this area and “Kill 10 monsters”, “Collect 10 items” and “Clear this dungeon. Over and over again

    Secondly the combat and skills system is pretty shallow and un-interesting. Hotbar rotations and a very basic skill tree( Maybe skill “tree” is a bit generous). The game is also laughably easy. Stay out of the glowing red area and you win

    Thirdly im not really sure what this game is trying to be. It sells itself as ARPG but in reality its more of a re-skin of an action combat MMO with an isometric camera angle. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but I don’t think its particularly well executed.

  8. Just a theme park arpg. This game is nothing special and wont be winning any awards or competing in the mmo world.

    From what i was able to play:

    -No difficulty. Ok maybe if your new to video games or lost most your fingers this game might give you a small amount of difficulty but if your like me and have 10 fingers and gaming experience; you’ll find none in Devilian.

    -Pretty much no customization. You have the option to make your self look fugly or make your self look fugly with blue skin. They would have been better off just making the class models look better and removing the little bit of customization they do have. (also gender locked classes if that matters at all)

    -Gameplay feels cheap. It’s like the off brand soda of an off brand pepsi.

  9. I looked at this as an alternate to PoE-
    not excited about gender locked characters -usually play a ranger went with shadow hunter
    what bums me out is- I could only sell off 6 to 88 pieces of excess loot without “Buying in”/ paying real money to use the auction house.

    I am a do the quest, kill the monsters, loot the room (maybe some crafting) kinda player- Always Free To Play- this one – admittedly in closed beta- looks like F2P is going to get dissed really bad

  10. Genderlocked classes, no thanks. For a game developer who released TERA which had excellent character customization this game was a real turn-off for me.

    • Yeah but tera online has gender locked classes also. Don’t forget that dude. But I will give you this at least tera online has good character customization and combat. Devilian online is just an embarrassment and feels like a rip off of tera online.


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