There was a time when I spoke pretty well of RIFT’s free-to-play setup — pretty much right after Trion made the switch. Since then, the game’s monetization has changed here and there, until we’ve arrived Trion offering end-game currency as an item that can be purchased in store.

Yesterday, Community Manager Morgana announced that changes had been made to how players could acquire Captured Intel in RIFT. Not only is it now available via more in-game sources, it can also be purchased in the RIFT store.

As one would likely expect, players are calling pay-to-win on this one. The currency is used to buy endgame gear, meaning players who throw money at the new store caches will have an obvious advantage. Those who don’t wish to spend money will need to continue to grind zone events. Players are also questioning the price of the cashes, noting that they can cost more than actual games.

Some players commenting on a Reddit thread addressing the new currency do note that since the currency is used to buy PvE gear it shouldn’t matter, believing that PvP is where it gets questionable as it’s competitive. That said, PvE has its own variety of competition in most MMOs and purchasing gear would make things easier for raid guilds that can afford it.

That said, most players seem to be put out by the decision and are calling BS on it. It’ll be interesting to see if Trion makes any changes based on this feedback.

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  1. Its so sad because Rift is an awesome game. I didn’t played it in its glory days, I jumped into it when they offered a HUGE discount for the Laethys’ Fortune Pack in steam, I bought it and had a blast with the game, then the P2W things began to become dominant, max lvl pvp was a mess so I left. I’m really sad to see what happened to Rift.

  2. TRION do not have a clue about game players needs & rights.
    TRION have not done anything right at all & in no way do they want to assist gamers with direction other than a path of misery.
    All that’s keeping this TRION alive is the copy cat minecraft game.
    TRION should be sacked from gaming baby sitting.

  3. Now that people from Archeage went to private server. It seems Trion lost a lot of income. Now they need to milk some games harder so they can pay their staff. This company will faill after a few years.

    • pretty sure they are operating on borderline or are under, they kept reducing staff the last few years, and yeah the loss of some archeage money propably hurt them a lot, rift has been doing pretty badly for last 3 yers as well, I won’t be surprised if this is the last milking before shutdown in ~ 6 months or so, so people can’t get refunds anymore.

    • The private server is really good, well populated also.
      Lots of guilds, and lag isnt that bad for EU players i get around 105 ms
      Free premium and more.


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