The former Trion Worlds, and current gamigo, voxel-based sandbox adventure game Trove is now live on the Nintendo Switch. Announced last month, the Switch version currently lacks the bard class, but otherwise is a complete re-creation of the game as played on PCs and consoles.

There don’t appear to be any special events accompanying the launch, though you could say that just being on a mobile platform is reason enough to celebrate. gamigo claims that 28 million people have played Trove, and there are over 5,000 player-created elements in the game, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a party, if you so desire.

If you’re new to Trove and thinking, “Voxel-based sandbox? That sounds like Minecraft,” that’s not quite correct. While there is a good bit of freedom and “building,” Trove also plays like a full-fledged MMORPG, with leveling, gear, questing, and so forth. With the direction Rift has gone, it’s by far the most successful game to come out of the former Trion Worlds catalog, even if this writer did think it resembled a poor man’s EverQuest Next when it was first revealed. Oh, how the times have changed …


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