Trove Jurassic

It’s a sad and a glad day at Trion Worlds. Game Director Andrew Krausnick, whose name I swear I’m spelling correctly this time (check out the URL), will depart the company this week to work for a “small game studio.” He’ll be replaced by Rick White, whose first job will be overseeing a massive update to the console version of the game that will get it up to speed with its PC counterpart.

The upcoming “Megalithic Update” will add the Dino Tamer class, Jurassic Biomes, class crafting, gameplay-acquired Chaos Chests, regular in-game events, faster leveling, daily login chests, mini-games, and more to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Trove. The next update after that one will make changes to the Shadow Tower, and there’s a whole lot more planned for the rest of 2017, including Plasma Fishing. Or, as White puts it: “Yes, you read that correctly, Plasma Fishing!”

You can read about the transition of power and all the new stuff coming to Trove in the producer’s letter on the game’s website.

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