V Rising’s Vampire Army Continues To Grow With 2,500,000 Players, Team "Aware" Of Console Port Interest

Will you join the ranks?

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V Rising

Stunlock Studios’ V Rising may still be an Early Access title, however, the playerbase continues to grow as if it were fully developed and finished. In this vast, gothic open-world setting, players must hunt for blood to regain their strength while simultaneously hiding from the scorching sun to survive. Vampires will need to rebuild their castle and convert humans into loyal servants in a quest to raise their vampire empire.

Many fans were excited to see the high number of vampires that have been joining the game, and while new players are always a thing of celebration, some veteran players have been wondering about new updates and content to come. V Rising’s Twitter took to answering some questions from the players regarding what is to come in the future for the vampire survival game.

While no future updates have been announced yet, the team is apparently working on new and exciting things.

Some have also wondered if there are any plans for a PS5 version in the future, to which V Rising responded with: “We’re focusing on making the game the best it can be for PC and Steam for now. Though we are aware that players are certainly interested in console ports.”

For new players the best advice may be to go in slow, as no new content has been announced yet, there is no rush, and enjoying the game at a more leisurely pace might be the best advice until an official update is on the horizon.

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