Valorant developers want to do their best to ensure that it doesn’t acquire the reputation of that other Riot game. To that end, two members of the Social and Player Dynamics team filled everyone in today on what measures will be taken to counteract toxicity, unsporting gameplay, and other unsavory behaviors in the future.

When Valorant’s 2.04 patch goes live, there will be an increased emphasis on detecting AFK behaviors, as well as increased penalties for AFK-ers. Those will start with simple warnings and XP losses, but can ramp all the way up to total bans — “but only if you’re really, really persistent.” Riot will track your account for repeated offenses, so don’t worry if you only get kicked off your internet and out of a match once or twice a year.

Toxic behavior in chat will also be getting hammered in 2.04, which will include detection for abuse in 11 languages. Again, penalties range from warnings up to bans, especially if you engage in “violence, threats, or targeted harassment,” for which Riot said it has a “zero tolerance” policy. In 2.05, Riot hopes to have a reporter feedback system in place, so you’ll know if your report of someone’s bad behavior warranted disciplinary action.

Riot will extend these measures to voice chat, when clips are provided, and there are systems in the work that will encourage positive behavior as well. Learn more about Riot’s plans for a better Valorant experience via the post on the game’s site.

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  1. I don’t play this game but seeing it’s Riot. Soon all forms of communication will be so strict. Everyone will just speak like NPCs to each other. Or everyone will simply stop talking to each other. that it feels like you’re playing with Bots. Exactly like in League of Legends.

    Dedicated servers owned by the people with active admins would bring decency back and stop the toxicity. Snowflakes can stay with the snowflakes. And vice versa. Then everyone lives happily ever after.

    But you know who cares? The companies obviously don’t because it’s all about the money. And people are more dumb than a herd of sheep now n’ days.

    Video games have become a stepping stone to indoctrinate your children. Dumb them down. And desensitize them to wrongthink.

    One thing is certain the gaming industry is greedy. If Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t prove that. Well… gaming is about to go down a darker road than it has before.

    • All I wanted from Valorant was additional game modes, aimed at more casual play like Capture the Flag, Payload, Conquest… etc.

      All they do is add new maps and new characters and run their mouth about stupid stuff like this. Just remove text and voice chat from the game and let people communicate with TeamSpeak or Discord or whatever they want.

      I don’t know why RIOT try to act like they can police everything… Stupid jerks will always find ways to display how they are stupid jerks and make others around them feel bad.


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