Dota 2 International

The Dota 2 International Battle Pass expires on Sept. 1 — or at least, that’s what players were told when they were first able to purchase the pass back in May. There was even an in-game timer, telling them how much longer the pass would be active for.

However, somewhere along the way, there was a snafu. It seems the timer was ticking down to a different date, while still saying in text that the pass would still be valid until Sept. 1. Yesterday’s patch for Dota 2 reconciled the difference between these two warring dates, but not in a good way. The text now stated that the Battle Pass would only be valid until Aug. 20, lopping 12 full days off its expiration date.

Needless to say, this did not go over well with the Dota community. If you want to see the full pitchfork-and-torches reaction, head on over to Reddit. This is one case were enraged gamers on Reddit would have had a valid, and potentially legally actionable point. Advertising a service as lasting until a specific date and then changing the date afterwards — and not in the customer’s favor — is a big no-no.

But never fear — Valve may never give us a date for Half-Life 3, at least when it does have a date, it sticks to it. It turns out it was all a mistake, as “ChrisC_Valve” would later explain. The timer was supposed to change to reflect the proper Sept. 1 expiration date for the Battle Pass, not the other way around. It was an honest mistake that will be fixed “later today.” Good thing, too … we would have hated to see Valve burned to the ground right in the middle of the Steam Summer Sale.

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